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The Church Mothers are seasoned women of God anointed to aid younger men and women in their Christian growth. They provide mature Christian perspective to the new believer. Our mothers comfort the sick in body and spirit. They are intercessors for babes in Christ and give Godly direction on how to live a more fulfilled life. They have been ordained to nurture and do good works as unto the Lord. Inspiring the saints of God to respect and honor the Pastor and the flock. A mother is one that prays constantly without ceasing, she is quick to hear and slow to speak; she obeys leadership and submits herself to God.

Our Church Mothers:






Patricia Baty

Earnestine Devereaux

Violet Washington



Amy Bell

Claudine Brown

Clara Brewer

Inez Cade

Dorothy Clay

Oreatta Dunn

Clara Fletcher

Queen Victoria Green

Mattie Martin

Birdie McClellan

Catherine Means

Nellie Sapp

Margaretha Thomas

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